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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this software CD legal ?

    Yes, the software kit has been created by us.  Copies of the GNU Licences are available on request.

    Is the software on the CD easy to use ?

    Yes, the Boot Disk has a Windows style interface which is very familiar and easy to use for Windows users.

    Can I install the software on more than one computer?

    Yes, there are no restrictions on how many computers you install this on.

    Once I get the CD, how do I get started ?

    Just make sure your BIOS is setup to boot first from CDROM and that's all it takes.

    How do I change the BIOS Settings ?

    Will the CD find missing or erased files and restore them ?

    Yes, the Boot Disk has several recovery tools specially designed for that.

    My computer store wants me to save all my files and re-install Windows, can I do that with this software?

    You can backup your existing files onto another drive using the Boot Disk, you still need your original Windows CDs/DVDs to re-install Windows.

    Can the software recover lost password or program serial numbers ?

    Yes, the Boot Disk has several utilities used to recover passwords or registration numbers among other useful functions.

    Can the software clear the BIOS password ?

    Yes, the Boot Disk has 4 different programs to reset or clear the BIOS password on most popular computer motherboards.

    My computer might have Data Corruption, can the CD help ?

    Absolutely, depending on the damage the Boot Disk can repair most problems by recovering data, cleaning your Windows Registry or analyzing your hard drive for fixable blocks.

    How does the CD access files without loading my Windows installation ?

    A: The Boot Disk loads an Extremely Advanced Operating System which allows you full access to all your data on your computer including erased or missing files.

    How can the CD backup all my information, if I can't even load Windows in Safe Mode ?

    The Boot Disk uses a low level access mode which allows you complete access to backup your existing data from one disk to another (including USB/Flash drives).

    I placed the order today, how long before I receive my Boot Disk (I'm desperate for help !)

    Orders ship same or next day after payment and usually take 2-3 days to reach our customers.

    Why is it so cheap?

    The software has been developed by the open source community, as there are no corporate shareholders, we can pass the savings on to you.

    Do you support the software?

    We don't offer software support, links to access manuals and tutorials for the software are contained on the eBay listing and the disk. We'll gladly offer support on any other issues.

    Does the CD contain Microsoft Windows ?

    No, the CD contains software to allow you to recover Windows. To reinstall Windows, you will need your original Windows Media CD/DVD or Recovery disk supplied by your Computer Vendor.

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